Eternal dilemma


Too busy doing things to write about them. Summer, visitors, picnics, sunblock, beaches, hot nights, short tempers.

Normalcy returns (temporarily)


I didn’t end up updating yesterday, instead I spent the evening editing which has it’s own particular satisfaction. I’m looking forward to getting back to some kind of normalcy today: back to my day job (where I have de-Christmassed already), no social events planned, just work, exercise, dinner, a bit of TV and bed. This interlude won’t be long though, wave two of  New Year house guests arrive tomorrow. I can tell January is just going to slip through my fingers. 

New Year’s Day


We seem to be in a restless sleep cycle: if it’s not one or the other of the children, it’s the humid weather and when it’s neither of those things, the earth moves. I’ve spent the day largely at home: our houseguests left around noon, at which point I got stuck in and packed a box and three bags worth of children’s clothes to donate and went through and made a list of what small boy clothes we need to buy. Then I went for a walk, read my book in the sun and largely indulged in some down time. This evening we’ve taken down the Christmas decorations, so I am hoping to feel a bit more sorted by the end of tomorrow. One of the biggest challenges of working outside the home has been not getting time to potter and things have shown an alarming capacity for piling up. When my contract finishes, I hope to have a few days to really get this joint ship shape.



No doubt I’ll make multiple resolutions. No doubt I won’t achieve many of them. Some of them will be quiet promises I make to myself, some will be proclaimed (losing the “winter weight”). There are many unknowns going into 2013. My current contract finishes February 2nd, so that means going back to seeking work in some form. I don’t know what 2013 will hold: I don’t foresee any dramatic changes in my personal life. One thing I do want to do more is write. Write more, every day. Try and let go of the self consciousness and feeling that no one is interested and no one cares, and the vague suspicion that it’s a particularly narcissistic way to pass the time. Those things could well be true, but I shouldn’t let what I think other people might think influence me. Any day now, I’m going to be closer to 40 than 30, and as far as I can tell the best bit about growing up is the declining concern for what other people might think. I’m not sure how much I’ll publish here, but I hope it will be often.

Advice from a big kid.


At the school my kids go to, they have a buddy system where each child is paired up with an older children. As a newbie to school, my five year old was paired up with two of the seniors. Now the year is ending, and the seniors have written to their junior buddy with advice. The first letter goes like this:

Child of 2020 (the year my now five year old will finish school)

I may have gone through a lot on my life, so if I could offer you my number one tip, it would be to love and live your life right. By right I mean:

1) Be caring to your friends, you never know they might turn their backs on you because you’ve changed from good to bad.

2) Eat 5 plus a day

3) Don’t pick on others. It’s wrong.

4) Pick the right friends.

5) Be yourself. You are unique.

6) Don’t hold onto a problem. Forgive and forget.

7) As you grow older, sometimes values do too and you forget them but DON’T! Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

8) How do you spell love? You don’t spell it, you show it.

9) At the end of every chapter is another beginning.


So. Life lessons all round, eh?


Day 18: Rocking Chair Memories


What item that most people consider normal or everyday has special significance for you?

I love cup and saucers. When I was a little girl, my Great Aunt and Uncle lived next door, and my Great Aunt was a proper lady. Tea with cups and saucers, delicate and refined. Most of the time I don’t drink my tea from a tea cup, because I seldom sit down long enough to drink a whole cup of tea. Generally it gets carted around the house with me in a mug, sipped from as I fiddle with the washing machine, return calls, look for a pair of shoes. When life gets tough I revert though. Tea. Pot. Saucer. Cup. Sitting and staring out the window.